processThe process

Initial Contact:

When you contact us, we will collect some information from you including contact information, and what kind of living walls you are interested in.


Within a few days of the first contact we will prepare a rough design for your project. Including the type system that best fits your needs, approximate plant choice, and other options you might need.


Fabrication and installation of smaller projects should be done with in 2 to 3 weeks. Bigger projects may take much longer to complete.


We offer a 1 month plant guarantee. This way we make sure that all plants will survive the initial planting, and will grow and prosper as long as they are properly maintained. In case you sign a maintenance contract with us replacement of all plants will be included in the price of the contract for its duration.

We also offer 1 year manufacturer defect warranty. This includes any leaks, irrigation problems, etc. that happen due to defects in the system.