Green Kiss Calgary Living Walls

FAQ-icon-customCan you combine living walls with water features?

We can, and have, combined living walls with water highlights such as aquariums and water falls. Living walls work great with a variety of water features. Especially fresh water aquariums can work great as a part of a living wall system.

FAQ-icon-customWhat are the requirements to the room temperature?

Plants grown on living walls are mostly tropical plants and require a constant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and higher.

FAQ-icon-customWhat kind of plants do you use?

We use many different indoor plants on our walls, and are always open to client requests. You can see a list of some of our favorite plants on our Plants page.

FAQ-icon-customHow much does a living wall cost?

There are a lot of factors that go in to the cost of a living wall. Cost of materials, cost of plants, type of system, location and if it needs more light, and of course cost of labour itself. Base price of our living walls is $150 per square foot. This includes the wall itself, automatic irrigation system, and plants. This how ever does not include any extras such as lighting system, sensors, etc. The price of a living wall can also differ depending on the system used.

FAQ-icon-customCan plants bloom on the living wall?

Yes. Plants can bloom on living walls with no issues.

FAQ-icon-customHow long do living walls live?

Very long. Plants on a well installed and maintained living wall live for 8 years or more. However poorly maintained (without light or water, or in cold temperature) the plants can die within a month or even a few days.

FAQ-icon-customIs it possible to ad or replace plants to the living wall?

Yes. It is possible to add or replace plants on any living wall system Green Kiss offers. In some system it is easier than others, but if necessary possible with all of them.

FAQ-icon-customWe have a living wall from another company; it is leaking/dying/dried up/just looks awful. Can you help us?

We can take a look at your living wall, and let you know what needs to be done. In some cases it might be as simple as replacing a few plants in others we might need to completely rebuild the system.

FAQ-icon-customDo you maintain living walls you install? How much does it cost?

Yes, we do offer maintenance for our living walls, as well as for the living walls created by other companies. We have several maintenance packages with varying coverage. Yearly cost of maintenance is usually around 20% of the living wall price. However there is a minimum of $100 per visit.

FAQ-icon-customCan I maintain the living wall myself? Will you tell me how to do that?

You can definitely maintain the wall yourself. We will provide you with detailed written instructions of how that should be done.